Established in 1977, Viamed focuses on the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative medical products.

The main application for products is critical patient care in hospitals, other marketed areas include: Emergency Services, General Practitioners, Dental and Veterinary Surgeries.

In addition, Viamed distribute oxygen sensors for use with exhaust emissions testing equipment.

Oxygen Monitoring

Oxygen sensors, Oxygen analysers and Precision medical oxygen monitors.


Capnographs (Mainstream & Sidestream plus range of accessories for each) and Colorimetric detectors.

Pulse Oximetry

Hand held pulse oximeters & accessories, Finger oximeters, Single use and Reusable sensors.

Flow Sensors

Hot wire anemometric sensors and Differential sensors.

Infant Resuscitation

O2 Blenders, Apgar timers, Resuscitation cabinets, Infant resuscitator, Radiant warmers, Neonatal absorbent pads.

Posey Products

Wraps, ID bracelets, IV armboards, IV shields, Trache ties, Secure ties, Splints.


Eye masks and Light shields

Oxygen Hoods/Tents – Single use/Reusable.

Nerve Stimulators – Microstim & tester kit.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Gas Sampling lines

Temperature Probes