UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

UV Visible Spectrophotometers Series Set New Standards

The series SPECORD® covers the range from high-performance real double-beam instruments with Cooled Double Detection (CCD) to high power diode-array systems for simultaneous high speed measurement and spectrophotometer using Split-Beam-Technology (SBT).

Software versatility

The efficient software provides maximum capabilities even in its standard configuration. Specific tailor-made software packages meet all advanced requirements as well.

Extensive range of accessories

An extensive range of accessories is available for diverse applications in pharmacy, biology, chemistry and physics

Overview of all UV/Vis spectrophotometers

Double-beam photometers

High-end optics

At the heart of all of our instruments, the optical components are quartz coated and equipped with high-quality encapsulation. They guarantee highest quality, maximum performance and extreme durability. The monochromator with imaging holographic grating enables stray light reduction and absolutely precise measuring results. The minimized number of movable components ensure best reliability, notably improved signal-to-noise ratio and best energy throughput.

Real double-beam

Real double-beam mode for highest precision and a better long-term stability by measuring the sample and reference signal at exact the same moment.
The measurement results always show a current comparison of both beams. This way lamp fluctuation and drifts are corrected by the second beam. Furthermore is a direct compensation of the blanc solution possible.

Dissolution systems

The UV/Vis spectrophotometers SPECORD® PLUS can be easily connected with any commercially available online dissolution test system.

A multiplicity of successful installations has been implemented worldwide with the ERWEKA, ICALIS, HANSON, PHARMATEST as well as SOTAX dissolution systems. The photometers are completely integrated in the process system software of the dissolution supplier. High user satisfaction demonstrates the reliability and robustness of the installed spectrophotometers.

With the advantages of the photometers SPECORD® PLUS, this combination offers a sophisticated automatic test system for online UV/Vis measurements.

SPECORD® 210 PLUS – Powerful double-beam system with 4-fold variable slit width

SPECORD® 200 PLUS – Powerful double-beam system with fixed slit width

Advantages of the photometers

  • Spectral range from 190 to 1100 nm
  • High performance optics with high resolution performance and 10 years long-term warranty
  • Excellent long term stability with the use of CDD technology (Cooled Double Detection)
  • Large sample compartment with an outlet opportunity for liquids
  • Conform to all international pharmacopoeia as well as the demands of FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Diode-array Spectrophotometers

The UV/Vis spectrophotometer SPECORD® S 600 combines the precision and convenient handling needed in laboratories with speed, reliability and superior optical performance. This simultaneous high-performance diode array spectrophotometer works precise, fast, simultaneous.

The analytical advantages

  • High precision polychromator systems – permanently adjusted and fixed with no moving parts
  • Open sample compartment which accommodates all available accessories of the SPECORD® S 600
  • Excellent spectral properties, fast measurement of complete spectra in less than 12 milliseconds
  • Life Sience package for measurements of small sample volumes, determination of DNA/RNA (additional module)
  • Self adjusting photometric linearity
  • Automatic stray light correction
  • Easily accessible and interchangeable light sources
  • Self Check System (SCS)

Accessories for UV/Vis Photometers

Especially in UV/Vis spectroscopy, it is essential to have a wide range of accessories that make your spectrophotometer applicable to many different kinds of analytical jobs and provide further automation. Whether cell holders, cell changers, flowcell systems, reflectance accessories or fiber coupling – choose the right system for your individual analytical needs.