Bedpan Washer-Disinfectors

TopLine bedpan washer-disinfectors are a classic choice of machine which looks great in any situation. Whatever model you choose – wall-mounted off the floor, floor-mounted, flush-mounted in the wall, or installed under a work surface – you get the reassurance of knowing that every MEIKO TopLine bedpan washer-disinfector meets all the required norms and standards. But that’s just the minimum threshold for MEIKO machines! In reality MEIKO bedpan washer-disinfectors have far more to offer – and you’ll be impressed by how many features come as standard!

TopLine Bedpan Washer-Sisinfectors – Standalone Machines

TopLine standalone units are a high-quality option and the perfect centrepiece for your dirty utility room. This is an ideal choice to add to your existing set-up or use as the basis for planning a completely new facility. With TopLine you can be confident of getting the maximum standards of hygiene in a truly user-friendly format.

TopLine Combined Sluice Units

TopLine combined care units offer a compact way of combining a.TopLine bedpan washer-disinfector with other units. These bedpan washer-disinfectors fit neatly under a work surface, leaving plenty of space on top. That gives staff members more room to work and makes their lives easier – without sacrificing the superb levels of hygiene which MEIKO machines are renowned for.