OPTIMA C-10 Probetester

The C-10 Probetester is an automated equipment that measures electrical leakage on ultrasound probes during a disinfection cycle and rinses the probe afterwards.

Using the C-10 Probetester is an efficient way of knowing that the probe is electrically safe to use with a patient, that there are no damages on the surface that could impair the function of the probe and also adds safer and easier handling for the personnel by minimizing exposure to disinfection solutions.

C-10 Probetester ensures high quality by an effecient user independent repeatable fully automated process, enabling personnel to concentrate on other duties.


User safety
Minimal user exposure to disinfection solutions.

Patient safety
Verification that the probe has passed a disinfection cycle, and has no electrical leakage that might harm the patient.

Examination safety 
Verification that there are no damages on the surface of the probe that could impair examination results.
No risk for over exposure of disinfection solutions on the probe.


  • Easy to use.
  • Cost efficient and highly affordable.
  • Saves manual labour.