Bone Densitometry Specialist

Offering a complete range of innovative solutions in radiology, bone densitometry, stereo-radiography and posturology, all of which are adapted to the demands of the global marketplace.


The Medix DR has established itself as a complete solution for osteoporosis diagnosis and fracture risk assessment.

Its technology and performance

The  2D Fan-Beam®  is based on a narrow range of technology and features  256 elements , providing the highest quality images for optimal diagnosis. This new detector is the best on Fan Beam market.

​The Medix DR is based on 4 lines, 64 elements multi-array detector.  Its 2D Fan-Beam technology provides the highest image resolution for an optimal diagnosis.

Faster than Pencil Beam, more accurate than large  . The Medix DR scans in the X and Y directions to reduce distortions and the enlargement in order to get the best quality of image. Besides, it was designed to perform examinations in only 15 seconds per site , making it the most powerful solution available on the market. The device meets the needs of the driving force for a powerful, complete and accurate tool.

Options and applications

The Medix is a complete device that is designed for osteoporosis diagnosis (hip, spine, forearm), provides a wide range of applications:

  • Osteoporosis and complete fracture risk determination
  • Pediatry:  children’s growth and bone age follow-up.
  • Whole body and body composition to discern the weight disorders

Software acquisition


Its technology and performance

The Digital Fast Beam is an improved version of Pencil .  Based on Pencils Beam reliability, it takes advantage of the other technologies to insure optimal resolution and scan time.

We own the  fastest pencil-beam of the Market Offering the Sharpest accuracy and the lowest dose for the patient best osteoporosis diagnosis. Designed with the ergonomic and user friendly software Eazix, the MEDIX 90 combines reliability, efficiency and versatility.  The ideal solution of DXA gives fast, complete and accurate measurements of fat and muscle per body region.

Software Acquisition


Its technology and performance

The Pegasus Smart is a portable solution that is fast, offering osteoporosis diagnosis.

First and foremost the device provides optimal accuracy and reliability.

The ultrasound technology featured on the Pegasus Smart provides excellent precision.In addition to those prerequisite standards, the Pegasus Smart is extremely user friendly.Featuring the most recent technologies available on an ultrasound device, it offers an efficient solution for screening and monitoring osteoporosis. It performs an examination of the bone (the micro-architecture of the calcaneus being well-correlated with the femur / hip) and estimates bone strength.

Routine screening for osteoporosis is becoming part of the complete package for women’s health. This is why we are interested in meeting the needs of the health and surveillance community.

A complete easy-to-use software program

The ultrasonic technology is a totally radiation-free solution, providing optimal accuracy and reliability.

An ultrasound device with two modes: easy to transport in portable mode, up to 300 exams can be stored on the device when connected to a laptop computer or a tablet.

The system can be connected to a computer and provides full software and full page color reports.

Our complete software package has been developed to make administering exams easy, fast and efficient. Storing, retrieving and archiving patient information can be done with the simple click of a button.