Therapixel’s Vision is to Improve workflow for Surgeons by making image access seamless, from patient consultation, to Surgical planning meetings, through to The Operating Theatre

Therapixel Fluid

Touchless Medical Image Navigation for Surgery

10 Times more effcient than voice-controling a surgical assistant, Therapixel Fluid is a solution for image navigation designed for the operating room. Because it is gesture controlled, it maintains sterility, while allowing the surgeon to directly access patient images within operating room.

Therapixel Anywhere

Image Access That Matches The Surgeons Workflow

  • Efficient Image access for Surgeons –  Anywhere – via Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop/PC with secure access within the hospital or from outside
  • Image review during patient consultation
  • Collaborative, interactive Image sharing for Surgical team planning meetings
  • Image preparation for Surgery
  • Image Display and Interaction in the operating room with touchless Gesture Controlled Display (Therapixel Fluid)

Therapixel Anywhere deploys the power of a post-processing workstation on all your hospital’s devices. The PACS is kept to store and archive images. Anywhere is an overlay, connected to the PACS as a simple workstation! More than 60 simultaneous clients can be managed by a single server.


Simplify your Dicom CD imports

CD-Feed is a solution to copy, reconcile, distribute and store outpatient imaging exams. CD-Feed does not need to create a worklist. It does not need to store data in your PACS. Instead CD-Feed plugs into the HL7 stream of your hospital to propose identity. CD-Feed works asynchronously : only the required images can be stored on the PACS.