Gas & Liquid Density Instruments & Sensors

Integrated Sensing Systems designs and manufactures a variety of gas and liquid density instruments and sensors for measuring density, viscosity, temperature, concentration, and specific gravity.

The measuring principle is based on a core technology using the well-known Coriolis effect. A resonating silicon tube is the heart of the sensor. which has been miniaturized into a microCoriolis device, utilizing patented ISS Fluidic MEMS technology. These instruments and solutions all have MEMS inside.

A density meter that offers the features of an analytical device but rugged enough for process applications.

Measurement Capabilities:

Gas Density

MassSense® Gas Density Meter (GDM) is a measuring device for gas density, concentration, and specific gravity. The GDM sets a new standard in gas density measurement for accuracy and repeatability.

Liquid Density

MassSense® Liquid Density Meter (LDM) is designed for continuous measurement and can be mounted with a bypass line as part of the process. Real time, in line liquid density measurement is made possible with the LDM small footprint, light weight construction and immunity to environmental vibrations.