Water Bath Dissolution Instrument

Evolution 4300


Automated Dissolution Sampler
The Evolution 4300 is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and utilizes highly reliable and accurate syringe pumps for sample collection. Accommodating up to two independent syringe pumps, both dual sampling and simultaneous dissolution methods make the Evolution 4300 the premier Dissolution sampler option.

  • Positive Displacement Syringe Pump
    The single or dual syringe pump configuration allows for accurate, high volume sample collection.
  • Independent Method Programming
    The dual bath configuration allows two different and independent dissolution methods to be run.
  • Simple Yet Detailed Interface
    User Logins set access limits, sampling is logged for audit purposes and the printer provides during and after testing result reports.
  • Media Recycling and Replacement
    Media Recycling and Replacement offer the advantage of returning unused media and
    replacing the collected sample volume for ease of dissolution calculations.
  • Five Minute Sampling distek-2 distek-3
    The EVO 4300 is ideally suited for immediate release profiling when a sampling time of five minutes between time points is required.*

    (*Sampler parameters will affect minimum time intervals)

Evolution 6300


The Evolution 6300, providing independent through the shaft temperature monitoring of each vessel, has set the benchmark by which all dissolution water bath systems are measured.

  • In-Shaft Temperature Sensor
    Embedded temperature sensors ensure users compliance and allow continuous control and recording of individual vessel temperatures.
  • Tolerance Checking
    Monitored and reported test parameters confirm compliance with stated industry guidelines for temperature and RPM.
  • Security and Password Protection
    Setting of user and manger privileges increases control over key parameters and reduces human error.
  • Method Storage with Audit Trail
    Records, stores and sorts up to 100 methods, including the previous 50 modifications made to each method, noting name, creation and change dates.
  • Built in NIST Temperature Probe
    Improves temperature accuracy and ease of calibration by offering an easily accessible calibrated temperature probe on the unit.

Bathless Dissolution Instrument

Symphony 7100


The symphony 7100 Bathless Dissolution System is the most advanced dissolution design to date, bringing to market features never before available on a dissolution unit.

Building upon Distek’s first to market bathless technology, this third generation unit offers the fastest media heating in the industry while empowering the user to conduct up to three unique methods simultaneously.

  • Patented Bathless Technology
    Eliminates the water bath and all associated maintenance while high watt heaters raise media temperatures from ambient to 37 degrees C in less than 15 minutes.
  • In-Shaft Temperature Sensor
    Embedded temperature sensors ensure users compliance and allow continuous control and recording of individual vessel temperatures.
  • Run Multiple Methods Simultaneously
    Up to three independent methods run simultaneously minimizing development time and increasing productivity.
  • Independent Modules
    Configurable for up to 8 positions, the symphony 7100’s self-contained modules allow users unprecedented ease and scalability.
  • Color Touch Screen Display
    The icon driven user interface lowers overall cost by reducing training time and user errors while maximizing productivity and command of the dissolution test.

Bathless Tablet Disintegration Instrument

SensIR 3200


Distek’s sensIR 3200 uses proven bathless heating to offer a disintegrator without the hassle of and inconveniences associated with conventional water bath-based instruments. By eliminating the water bath and utilizing a sleek modular unit, Distek’s sensIR 3200 offers two, four or six disintegration test stations in the smallest foot print of any comparably equipped

  • Optional” Auto Endpoint Detection
    Auto Endpoint Detection using “Patent Pending” Near Infrared eliminates the need for modified fluted disks. Unattended endpoint detection saves time and increases throughput.
  • Bathless Heating
    Heating media from ambient to 37 °C in approximately 8 minutes significantly increases throughput. Eliminates common problems associated with standard water baths such as slow heating rates and algae growth.
  • Advanced User Interface
    Includes robust features such as: storing of 100 reports and records, running of three unique methods simultaneously, managing 50 users, setting qualification reminders and much more.
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
    Enables the monitoring and documenting of the individual breaker temperatures for improved regulatory compliance while eliminating the need for manually verifying temperature equilibration prior to tablet introduction.
  • Scalability
    Available in 2, 4, or 6 standard positions to meet your productivity needs while being upgradeable in the field as capacity demands.

Dissolution Media Heating, Degassing & Dispensing

Dissolution Media Heating, Degassing and Dispensing

Ezfill 4500


Transportable, easy-to-use and compact, the ezfill 4500’s unique integration and control of critical functions like heating and vacuum degassing allow the unit to prepare and accurately dispense media in approximately 90 seconds* while offering tight controls over key volume and temperature parameters, for fast and effective de-aeration and media dispensing.
* Cycle time is volume and temperature dependent

  • Compact Design
    Fits easily on the bench or used with the optional mobile cart or autofill.
  • In-Line Heating
    Ready to prepare media immediately upon power up eliminates the time delays and wasted energy associated with immersion heaters used in bulk media tanks. (Maximum 20°C rise)
  • Precision Vacuum Chamber
    Piston Controlled vacuum chamber creates a high vacuum for effective de-aeration and delivers precise media volumes accurate to within 1% of the set volume.
  • Variable Dispense Volumes
    Selectable volume settings from 250mL to 1000mL allow for quick and easy volume changes without the need for system recalibration.
  • Variable Temperature
    Optional temperatures from ambient to 45°C.

Distek’s Dissolution Efficiency Package

The Distek Dissolution Efficiency Package combines the compact design of the ezfill 4500 Dissolution Media Preparation station with the full-cleaning capability of the VIP 4400 in-situ Vessel Washer to create a cost-savings, portable and efficient dissolution solution.
When the systems are purchased together along with the necessary accessories*, a discount will be applied to the total purchase price.

*Remote Dispense Nozzle, Mobile Cart, Heated Rinse Tank, and Shaft Rinse.