Medium Preparation: DosaPrep® X8


For now 12 years we manufacture an instrument for the automatic medium preparation for dissolution testing: DosaPrep®X8, which is now established as an easy-to-use standard instrument. Two inlets for liquid allow the mixing of two components. The medium will be warmed up, degassed, and gravimetrically dispensed. An important advantage is the complete documentation. Although the basic technical principle has been maintained many details were changed following the suggestions and requirements of our customers.

Diagnosis of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid )Initiated by Prof.Dr.Reiber we can offer the highly sensitive nephelometer Dosascat. Mainly used for the diagnosis of csf, blood and urine for the fast determination of total protein.

Using appropriate reagents it can be also used for specific proteins. Dosascat can be also used for other applications requiring a high sensitivity.
Automatic Determination of the Boiling Point

Simple and easy to use: automatic determination of the boiling point with Dosatherm 300.

Mainly used for organic solvents.

Only one key for the quick determination!

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Precise
  • USP conform
  • For over 8 l medium

DosaPrep X8 permits for a medium volume of up to 8 l, the following steps:

  • filtering of medium or water (filtercapsule 20 µ);
  • preparation of medium in the desired ratio from two inlets of e.g. water and hydrochloric acid; alternatively ready made medium may be used;
  • the medium is continuously mixed with a magnetic stirrer in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture;
  • the medium may be heated to a selectable temperature, e.g. 37 °C;
  • degassing is being done according USP Standard, using a double membrane vacuum pump;
  • the prepared medium can be dispensed in variable dosages;
  • and the complete medium preparation is documented in great detail.

Typically the time to prepare 8 l medium takes approximately only 15 min.


Indispensable volume150 – 5000 ml
Unuseable volume of the tankheating 20 ° over room temperature
Heatingheating 20 ° over room temperature
Accuracy of temperaturet+/- 2 °
Inlet A (Medium)water or prepared medium, medium with a maximum of 1 % concentration of acid
Filter for inlet Afiltercapsule 20 µm
Inlet B (Additive)additiv such as acid or buffer; acid concentration up to 36 % HCl
Accuracy of dispensingbetter than +/- 5 g
Mixermagnetic stirrer with nonwearing electronic drive
Printer interfacecentronics
Pc interfaceRS232
Remote controlremote control with dispense outlet
Weight and dimensionsL x W x H: 61 x 30 x 65 cm, instrument with accessories 28 kg
Power supply230 V 2400 W, maximum 16 A,
other voltages upon request
DescriptionOrder no.
40 characters printer, very low weight, may therefore be placed on the instrument. Inclusive interface cable.71-1050
Reducer for water pressure, allows direct connection to the water line.71-1010
replacement filtercapsule71-2442
replacement tubings complete, including filter, outlet frit, and all connectors71-3106
vessel carrier for up to 8 vessels71-1020
remote control with outlet frit, allows to dispense directly medium into the vessels using the Start/Stop/Dispense functions of the instrument
balance for automatic calibration71-1060
Storage tank for up to 60 l71-1080