Crest Ultrasonics is the worldwide leader in ultrasonic technologies

Since the 1960s, we have been developing ultrasonic patents to create a new standard in high-quality ultrasonic cleaning. Be sure to learn about our wide range of world-class aqueous ultrasonic equipment,solvent ultrasonic equipment, and ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

You will see why small to mid-size companies, major corporations, and government sectors around the world depend upon Crest Ultrasonics for all their ultrasonic cleaning needs.

Large to small, aqueous to semi-aqueous, standard to custom-made.

The Crest Ultrasonics line of aqueous ultrasonic cleaning equipment adapts to a wide range of ultrasonic precision cleaning budgets and processes and is designed to clean a wide variety of industrial components.

Available in aqueous or semi-aqueous process models, the Crest line varies in size from small, standard jewelry cleaners to custom-built 10,000-gallon systems, and everything in-between.

Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners

Crest Ultrasonics’ patented ceramically enhanced transducersprovide greater cleaning power and reliability, when compared to conventional wafer-type transducers — and we have transferred that high performance technology to our PowersonicTM line of benchtop ultrasonic cleaners.

Our tabletop cleaners ensure uniform cleaning throughout the tank by sweeping the ultrasonic frequency 3 kHz, which creates overlapping ultrasonic waves. This approach eliminates inconsistent cleaning due to hot spots (areas of intense ultrasonic activity) in the cleaning solution, which is caused by the unvarying or “standing” waves produced by conventional ultrasonic power supplies.

Immersible Ultrasonic Transducer

To create a basic yet high-quality ultrasonic bath, all you need is a Crest immersible ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic cleaning tank, and ultrasonic generator.

Crest Ultrasonics immersible transducers are constructed of cavitation resistant, bright annealed 316L stainless steel with robotically welded seams to ensure a long life.

You can design these customized submersible units into your new ultrasonic systems or retrofit them into existing systems to introduce ultrasonic precision cleaning. The cleaning load of your parts tank will determine the number and placement of the submersible transducers, which are available in custom sizes, wattage, and frequencies — including 25 kHz,  40 kHz, 58 kHz, 132 kHz, 192 kHz, 470 kHz, and 1000 kHz — as well as custom combinations including 20/40 kHz and 58/192 kHz. They can be mounted on either the sides or bottoms of the cleaning tanks, depending upon their geometry.

Ultrasonic Consoles

The Crest Ultrasonics Optimum Console is a cost-effective, highly flexible solution for all industrial precision cleaning applications. Engineered with a compact, space-saving design and rugged, stainless steel tubular frame, it offers the convenience of an all-in-one, wash-rinse-dry design with a single-point facility connection for easy installation.

4- or 5-station designs available for immediate delivery

The 4-station wash-rinse-rinse-dry is ideal for cleaning at the microscopic level. And the 5-station wash-wash-rinse-rinse-dry system is configured for Dual Process or semi-aqueous precision cleaning applications. Standard tanks sizes (for manual and automated consoles) range from 10″L x 14″W x 10″D to 24″L x 36″W x 20″D. Custom tank sizes are also available.