After developing the world’s first rapid test for antibiotics in milk in 1978, Charm Sciences has grown to become a leading global provider of food safety, water quality and environmental diagnostics equipment. Charm’s portfolio includes test kits and systems for antibiotics, mycotoxins, and sanitation/hygiene (ATP). Selling directly and through its network of distributors, Charm products serve the dairy, feed & grain, food & beverage, water, healthcare, environmental, and industrial markets in more than 90 countries. Customers rely on Charm products for excellence in quality, innovation and customer support.

Antibiotic Testing

Lower operating costs and improve transportation efficiency by clearing good milk quickly with the Charm ROSA (Rapid One Step Assay) lateral flow strips which detect aflatoxin M1 and the most common antibiotics used to treat dairy cows. ROSA tests use patented technology to target drug sensitivities to safe and regulated levels, which prevents unnecessary rejection of milk caused by overly sensitive screening tests.

Alkaline Phosphatase

Charm phosphatase tests enable dairies and food processors to quickly and easily make sure that milk is fully pasteurized.  The absence of alkaline phosphatase in milk is an indicator that milk has been held at the correct temperature and for the correct time to be fully pasteurized. Food safety organizations, such as the US FDA and US Center for Disease Control, recommend complete pasteurization to ensure that disease-causing bacteria are killed.

ATP & Hygiene Monitoring

Sanitation is integral to food safety, to healthcare, and other industries. In a food processing facility, undesired, microscopic substances can change the appearance, taste, and safety of food. Likewise, in healthcare facilities, undesired microorganisms in patient rooms or on surgical equipment can spread infection.  Charm Sciences provides tests that enable customers to check for cleanliness on the microscopic level in a quick, cost-effective, and objective manner. These tests are performed in seconds and enable immediate remediation if needed.

Epic System 

The Charm EPIC system is a microplate bioluminescence system that predicts spoilage in shelf-stable, ultra high temperature (UHT), and extended shelf life (ESL) beverage products.

Microbial Detection”

Charm provides a variety of rapid pathogen indicator tests for food and water ranging from detecting coliform, E. coli and hydrogen sulfide producing enterobacteriaceae, to coliphage. All are considered indicators of fecal contamination, especially when found in water supplies.


Mycotoxins are produced by moulds from improper storage of grain or plant diseases and are often exacerbated by weather conditions such as unseasonable rains or drought. Mycotoxin contaminations can lead to serious health issues for both humans and animals.  Charm provides a variety of easy-to-use, economical, rapid tests to detect mycotoxins.