Anti-Embolism Range of Stockings

The G+N FITLEGS® Anti-Embolism Range of Stockings

The stockings are designed to be comfortable and effective in reducing the risk of DVT formation, and the compression stockings can help prevent damage to the tissue of your calf caused by the increase in venous pressure that occurs when a vein is blocked (by a clot) and blood is diverted to the outer veins.

Available in White or Green these Anti-Embolism stockings are stockings are available to purchase from our sales office and will be posted directly to your door.

FITLEGS® AES Below Knee & Thigh Length Anti-Embolism Stocking are clinically effective in reducing the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis and are ideal to wear following your discharge from hospital.

Features and Benefits:

  • DUOFIT™ Technology provides a two-way stretch for easier application.
  • Single ankle measurement reduces nursing time when measuring patients.
  • Improved inspection hole design and placement for superior comfort.
  • Available in below knee and thigh length.
  • Four sizes within each length reduces inventory.
  • Colour coded packaging reduces time identifying correct size.
  • Darker colour (Teal) improves patient compliance.
  • Anti-bacterial fabric for odour management.
  • Are latex free.
  • Have a universal fit – no left or right foot selection required.
  • Are a class 1 medical device.