Anesthesia Delivery & Ventilation

Spacelabs has redesigned the anesthesia delivery experience with the ARKON Anesthesia Delivery System. With innovative industrial design concepts, features that accommodate the way clinicians work, and an expandable workspace, ARKON helps to manage the complex workflows in operating rooms today.

Designed from the clinician’s perspective, ARKON enables you to adapt your equipment and configuration to your patients, your procedures, your preferences – what we call “Anesthesia Your Way.” ARKON allows you to truly focus on your patients.

Spacelabs Healthcare Ventilators offer the latest in patient-centered ventilation, addressing your real-life clinical needs. Our unique approach is based on proven critical care technology, enhancing ventilation across your range of patients and procedures.

BleaseSirius and BleaseFocus Ventilators

Choose the ventilator configuration and the way you interact with the Blease900 or Blease700
series ventilators, both available with the BleaseSirius and BleaseFocus anesthesia systems. A range of ventilation modes and waveform displays are available, enabling you to match
your ventilator to your patient’s changing requirements and your clinical and budgetary needs.

ARKON Ventilators

ARKON offers a full range of ventilator modes, which all come as part of the standard configuration:

  • Patient Range: The ARKON ventilator is designed for infant to adult patients
  • Electronically controlled, pneumatically powered
  • Ventilator Modes
  • Volume control
  • Pressure control
  • Pressure control, volume guarantee
  • Pressure support with apnea backup
  • SIMV VC with pressure support
  • SIMV PC with pressure support
  • Ventilator Control: Full touch screen, ComWheel provided, display rotates 30ª
  • Display Size: 15.6 inch color LCD, fully configurable, wide screen display